Why Space Weather?


Our most important energy source is our sun.


We often take for granted our star that provides life producing energy to our planet. The sun's activities produce mind bending amounts of energy and affect on the earth. The most common effect is solar radiation and lightwaves. But did you know about the heliosphere and how the sun's magnetic footprint affects our own Magnetosphere?

Our Mission


The IASCC mission is to improve the deeper understanding of climate change by collaboration among the greater scientific research communities. Encouraging multi-disciplinary research studies to expand the climate change knowledge base, and implement an improved understanding into global short and long range space weather, communications, earth weather, earthquake and climate modeling, mapping, and forecasting systems.

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We believe in being good stewards of our planet and not choosing a side on the argument of man made global warming or cooling. We are merely pointing out interesting facts worthy of study.

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