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Our researchers have uncovered some fundamental electromagnetic solar-terrestrial relationships during audits of routine climate data collection research.


We believe these fundamental relationships are pertinent to improving aurora forecasts, earthquake prediction and climate links to real time weather. 

Earth as a Stellar transformer...

-- Climate Change Revealed 43 Minutes


Tesla first discovered how to produce 3 phase electrical energy, we suspect he very likely figured this out from his observations of the Earth's electrical behavior.  In his bravado to J.P. Morgan, he bragged he could supply free energy to the whole planet.  Of course as history records, upon hearing of this, J.P. Morgan immediately canceled all contracts with Tesla and began a venture with Edison to make money. 

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We believe in being good stewards of our planet and not choosing a side on the argument of man made global warming or cooling. We are merely pointing out interesting facts worthy of study.

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